Technical Solutions Technical Solutions

Our hands on expereience and qualified personnel enable us to provide valuable technical solutions in the field. The diverse range of products we cover has enabled us to accumulate a level of professional competence and experience which is comprehensive and at the same time flexible.
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  At the Gurbaksish Group, we do not just peddle products, we offer value added services and solutions which help our clients to choose the best product for the job. We go a step further and provide consultancy services and a helpline service that enables our clients to get a one-stop solution. Be it simple trouble shooting to advance calculation of UV curing, we provide these technical solutions as part of our commitment to assist our clients in making informed decisions.  
  Pantone Color Matching Services pantone color matching services
The Pantone system is the most widely used system for process printing. Matching the color system to make sure that the color used will enable the tone desired to come through requires a computerised computer color matching system which enables extremely accurate color matching for high quality jobs, We provide such color matching services.
  Screen Printing Technical Services screen printing technical services
Screen printing has devolved from being a manual process to a highly automated service using the latest computer technology. In addition, to get the results desired one needs to take into account the environmental factors, durability factors, heat and humidity resistance, outdoor life, light fastness, chemical /solvent resistance, production speed capabilities, ink adhesion and many other factors. At Gurbaksish, we offer technical advisory services in
  Film Compatibility Services film compatibility services
Which film to choose is not a simple task anymore. With increasing complexity of applications, you need someone with a technical background and experience to guide you with you choice, be it for any electronic facia panels or touch-screen applications. At Gurbaksish, we can help you in making the right choice and our skilled personnel will try to make sure that you never make a wrong choice.
  • Ink selection and needs
  • Mesh selection consultancy
  • Pneumatic screen printing stretching services
  • Post Printing technical services