Corporate Records About Gurbakshish Group

The Gurbaksish Group is highly regarded as one of the pioneer distributors of National and International ranges of quality printing materials in India. Originating in 1970 from humble beginings, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has enabled us to grow from strength to strength. Read on...
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  Gurbakshish's Corporate Structure   corporate structure
The Gurbaksish Group consists includes the following companies
  • M/s GURBAKSISH ENTERPRISES: Established in 1970, Gurbaksish Enterprises is the flagship company of the group. Using the Indian philosophy of treating the customer as God and assisting him in nursing the needs of this society, the company has progressed and is now one of the leading Screen Printing material houses in the country. Gurbaksish Enterprises focuses on screen printing inks and accessories. Gurbaksish is the leading distributor of M/s AUTOTYPE INTERNATIONAL LTD. UK, INK DEZYNE, NAZDAR, HINDUSTAN INKS & RESINS, SAATI and other leading brands
  • M/s ATLAS NYLOBOLT AGENCIES: Atlas Nylobolt was established in 1990 with a view to give totally dedicated and undivided attention to the various industries where bolting cloth is used in various applications. The company actively markets the brands 'NYLOBOLT' and 'POLYBOLT' to the Graphic Screen Printing Industries, Electronic Industry, Automobile Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and various other industries where filtration is rated as mandatory.
  • M/s OMEGA MARKETING: Founded in 1994, Omega Marketing Pvt. Ltd., this company was started by the Gurbaksish Group to extend its product portfolio to include the Flexible Packaging Industry and the Footwear Industry. It offers products for both Flexographic & Rotogravure industries manufactured by M/S HINDUSTAN INKS & RESINS LTD., and Shoe Adhesive manufactured by M/S COATED, INDIA LTD
  Our USP - Integrated Solutions   our USP - integrated solutions
At Gurbaksish, we do not just market printing materials. We offer integrated solutions that help our clients to make the best decision by education and consultancy services. This enables them to arrive at the optimum use of their resources. Our technical consultants have vast experience in the line and offer state of the art solutions to our clients. This enables our clients to know what is the latest in technology, usage patterns, how to improve their quality and value and many other areas where our experience helps them to offer better value to their clients. We call it the VALUE CHAIN.